Authentic English Texts for Advanced Learners

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รหัสสินค้า : 9786165560795
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THE BOOK : Authentic English Texts for Advanced Learners was originally designed for University Studies, born out of the author's perception that texts designed for Thai students should have local relevance in order to be meaningful, and therefore to encourage English reading.  The texts are gleaned from many sources, but were carefully selected to be culturally suitable in the local context. Thus, the book has many wider applications for people, young and old, wishing to improve their English reading skills, be it for study, business or pleasure. The reader is guided in a step-by-step process through the strategies of reading and the logical processes of reading authentic texts. Key vocabulary and grammatical points are covered, along with exercises to maximize the learners' understanding. The format and content make the book an easy avenue towards accelerated reading standards for teachers and students.